Melissa Talks Realizing She Was Pregnant On The Challenge — And Those Kyle Rumors

Melissa Talks Realizing She Was Pregnant On The Challenge — And Those Kyle Rumors


Melissa stated that she couldn’t keep calm and “carry on” during the Total Madness final, and the Brit ultimately quit the last leg of Season 35. And during Part 1 of the reunion, the Vendettas rookie teared up as she watched the footage because what she didn’t know (for sure) at the time was that she was pregnant. A Challenge first: taking on the final with a bun in the oven!

“I was thinking to [my]self, why am I struggling so much? I was at peak fitness,” Melissa, who welcomed a baby girl named Vienna in May, recounted to her fellow competitors and host Vernon Davis. “Why am I so breathless?”

Total Madness champion Johnny Bananas made a fair point: “It was because you were competing for two people!”

But Melissa was aware something wasn’t quite right with her mental and physical state.

“We were hiking up that mountain; I was thinking of dates and stuff,” she remembered. “It wasn’t until we actually got back to Prague and was actually in the shower in Bayleigh’s room that I was like, ‘Bayleigh, I think I might be pregnant.’ And then I got home and went to the doctor’s and found out I was actually four months pregnant.”

And then there were the “stupid rumors” that Kyle was her baby daddy because they slept together on the show — even though both insist they were not sexually active with each other and Melissa revealed the identity of her daughter’s father. Instead, they engaged in some “friendly flirting.”

“Melissa announced she was pregnant, and I knew that all the Challenge fans were going to think it had something to do with me when it didn’t,” this season’s silver medalist declared, before joking that he changed his name and moved to Mexico.

So what about the unseen footage of the two canoodling? With his hands under her clothes?

“When you meet someone in the house, just to be close with and just to be your person. And Kyle was my person,” Melissa concluded about their innocent interactions.

Offer your belated congrats to our Madness mama — and do not miss Part 2 of the Total Madness reunion on Wednesday at 8/7c!