Pras Michel Jailed Over Unpaid Child Support

Pras Michel Jailed Over Unpaid Child Support


On Monday (March 9), the Fugees’ very own, Pras Michel, was taken into custody for unpaid child support. The 47-year-old  failing to provide proof to the Manhattan Family Court that he had followed through with a $20,000 court-ordered child support payment. For months, Pras and his ex-wife, Angela Severiano have been battling out in court for payments for their son, Landon. In the past, Severiano claims that the Brooklyn-bred emcee had been hiding funds in order to avoid making his payments in a timely manner. Pras refuted his ex-wife’s allegations claiming he would be able to make his payments if the federal government wouldn’t have seized millions of dollars worth of his assetsPras Michel Jailed Over Unpaid Child Support

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Pras allegedly owes Severino an approximate total of $127,000 in unpaid child support and was told to provide his ex-wife with a lump sum check of $20K and bring proof of the payment to court by their next hearing. Unfortunately, Severiano did not receive the mandated funds and Pras was only able to provide a tracking number for a check he claimed a friend had mailed to his ex-wife on his behalf. 

During the court session, Judge Carol Goldstein was not pleased with Michel’s efforts stating:

“That’s not what I consider proof. You do not even know what day it was sent.” Judge Goldstein then turned to the rapper’s lawyer, Samuel Feldman, and added, “I understand that your client believes that somebody posted the money. The tracking number doesn’t work.”

The judge then demanded the bailiff to take the “Ghetto Supastar” performer into custody a $5,000 bond, pending another hearing next week. 

Angela Severiano’s lawyer, Robert Wallack, has repeatedly requested for the court system to jail Michel. Following the hearing, Wallack admonished Pras’ behavior, declaring:

“(His) excuses are nonsense and he deserves to sit in jail until he pays my client the more than $125,000 he owes her.”

During a court hearing last month, Wallack brought up Michel’s $10 million watch collection and urged for the court to jail the rapper. Finally, his wish has been granted but his client is still without payment. While this process has been a difficult one for both Pras and Severiano, hopefully, all parties involved can come to an agreement for the sake of their child.