PnB Rock Totals BMW In Alleged Street Race, Arrested For DUI

PnB Rock Totals BMW In Alleged Street Race, Arrested For DUI


PnB Rock has found himself with trouble with the law this week. According to TMZ, the Philadelphia rapper was booked for a DUI after he was allegedly involved in a street race crash that resulted in his BMW getting totaled. 

Police said PnB Rock was arrested in Burbank, CA after they were already suspicious that he was driving under the influence. PnB Rock was reportedly driving recklessly through the streets before plowing his upscale BMW into a row of parked cars and crashed into three vehicles in total. From the looks of the actual car, PnB Rock should be thankful that he’s okay. The vehicle is entirely totaled.

Police said they were already observing his vehicle — a white BMW sedan — while it was racing against a blue and silver Rolls Royce Wraith. PnB Rock was reportedly driving at upwards of 100 MPH on a local street.

The race itself was short due to the crash. The rapper’s BMW smashed into the three parked cars and one of the vehicles ended up flipping on its side. There was reportedly a woman in one of the vehicles but thankfully, she didn’t face any major injuries and was able to get out of her car.

Ultimately, the police found weed on him, which he wasn’t charged for since it is California, but the vehicle he was driving in smelled like it. He was booked for DUI and reckless driving. He was released on $100K bail.