Parker Just Threatened To Kick Everybody Out Of The Buckhead Shore House

Parker Just Threatened To Kick Everybody Out Of The Buckhead Shore House


Parker isn’t being the most gracious of hosts at the Buckhead Shore — in fact, he just threatened to “kick everybody out” of his lake house.

Tonight’s episode of the new MTV series picked up where last week’s cliffhanger left off, with the Head Buck confessing to Savannah that he hooked up with Katie. But before Sav was willing to forgive and move on, she wanted to speak to the group’s queen bae.

For her part, Katie didn’t hesitate to apologize for her revenge text, and the two hugged it out over shared heartaches and the highs and lows of dating Parker.

“It’s toxic. And that’s not real love,” Katie shared. “If it does make you feel better, he literally did the same thing to me when I was 18 or 19. He was talking to his ex-girlfriend, and I caught him. I feel like when I’m watching y’all [that] I’m watching myself.”

Not surprisingly, Savannah found Katie’s words “hard to hear.”

“History likes to repeat itself,” she said. “I don’t know if I want to be the next Katie.”

Upon returning to the lake house, Adamo spilled the straight-boy logic “boiling hot tea” that Parker confided he’d only hooked up with Katie “because Savannah pissed [him] off.”

That’s when Katie confronted her ex.

“I’m not gonna let you just talk sh*t about me. I’m gonna expose your ass,” she threatened.

In what quickly became his “worst nightmare,” the chicken man Parker accused the blonde of “trying to come in and home wreck something that [he] is actually trying to work on,” while Savannah overheard that he’d “been texting Katie this whole time.”

Cue Sav: “You are the biggest liar I’ve ever met in my entire life.”

And Katie: “You are such trash, Parker. You’re literally disgusting.”

Finally, upon finding out that Adamo was the one who broke his confidence, Parker said he was “done.”

“I’m actually about to kick everybody out of this f*cking house,” he spat. “I’ve catered to every single person here, and I’m just getting screwed by everybody. I have no more fight left in me.”

And with a “F*ck this, I’m out of here,” he sped off in his motorboat into the night.

Find out what happens when Parker returns (…if he returns?) to Buckhead Shore next Thursday at 9/8c.