‘Do I Have To Start All Over Again?’: Angelina Is Questioning Her Future On Family Vacation

‘Do I Have To Start All Over Again?’: Angelina Is Questioning Her Future On Family Vacation


It’s official: The Inspiration is reporting for duty. And no one needs him now more than Angelina.

Tonight’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation saw the Staten Island native “in a really bad spot” due to ongoing divorce proceedings and a fizzled relationship with Luis, her former All Star Shore castmate. One minute, Luis was wooing her with chicken quesadillas and they were making love having sex, and the next, Ang was lying in bed, heartbroken.

“Luis, at one point, made me feel very good about myself. He actually made me feel more liked in three days than my husband made me feel in three years,” she said. “But I have to start learning from an early stage if I see a f*cking red flag, I have to be out. Believe what somebody’s showing you, because that’s really who they are.”

After Mike saw that Angelina had deleted her Instagram and skipped out on an important get-together for his beloved golden retriever Moses, he knew an emergency therapy session was in order. Enter The Inspiration, some pizza, a Caesar salad, and some words of wisdom — after Angelina filled him in on the reality of her current situation.

“I wanted that white picket fence, kids running around the yard while the dad throws the baseball, ’cause I never had that,” she said. “But I’m 35 — I’m gonna be 36. My marriage is done … and it’s my body against Father Time. I might not ever have a child, which sucks.”

That’s when Mike dropped a truth bomb or two: “Maybe this is something where you turn an ‘L’ into a lesson. If this didn’t happen, you might be in a loveless marriage for a long time.”

While Angelina agreed with The Situation’s sentiment, she added that it’s not easy to sit back and watch those around her get married and start families.

“I don’t have a f*cking substantial, stable relationship with anybody. But all these people are moving on with their lives, and it’s like here I am, and I don’t have a child,” she continued in tears. “My age is literally what’s against me right now. Do I have to start all over again? How can I trust anybody?”

Cue Mike, who was glad to see his former roommate “be honest and transparent” for a change: “It’s time to make sh*t happen and move forward now. We can’t sit in our shell and let life pass us by. Let’s move forward. More importantly, we need to get this house under control, and we also need to get you back loving yourself again.”

Mike’s words struck a chord with Angelina, but as her divorce drags on and new claims come to light, will she continue to have the unwavering support of her Jersey Shore fam? Find out next Jerzday Thursday at 8/7c.