O.T. Genasis Critiques Antonio Brown’s Rhymes: "His Cadence Is Dope"

O.T. Genasis Critiques Antonio Brown’s Rhymes: "His Cadence Is Dope"


Footballer Antonio Brown’s recent questionable antics have landed the NFL player into trouble, but when he released his single, people didn’t know what to think. The former New England Patriots wide receiver has been on a roller coaster of headlines lately after he was released from the Oakland Raiders not long after being traded to the team. What followed was a series of sexual assault allegations, public disputes with the mother of his three children, strange rants on social media, and just days ago the release of his single “Whole Lotta Money.

The song didn’t receive rave reviews, but we don’t believe that’s going to stop A.B. from moving forward with his music career. Brown has previously shared that he and Odell Beckham Jr. have a collaboration in the vault, but O.T. Genasistold TMZ that if A.B. works a bit more on his lyrical stylings, he may be open to working with him.

A cameraman caught up with the “Never Knew” rapper and told him to listen to Brown’s single. O.T. Genasis said that A.B.’s flow wasn’t bad, “But I think it’s the fact that it’s Antonio Brown… I think that some people probably wouldn’t take it that seriously because it’s Antonio Brown. And the video looks a little too serious so… Like, the best song ever created by a football player had to be [Deion Sanders ‘Must Be the Money’]. That’s the best sh*t ever made probably by an athlete.” Don’t let Shaq hear that.

When asked if he would work with A.B. in the studio, O.T. said, “I don’t know about that. He needs a little bit of tweaking on his verses at least… but it’s dope. His cadence is dope.” Watch O.T. continue to support Brown’s musical goals below and check out what score he gave A.B.’s rhymes on a scale of one to ten.