Nisha releases new single, “Selfish”

Nisha releases new single, “Selfish”


Upcoming R&B singer-songwriter, Nisha has released her new single, “Selfish”. “Selfish” opens with some mellow piano tunes and the music video features some stunning drone footage shot from above a lone highway in a scene reminiscent of the American West.

So it’s appropriate that Nisha J struts her stuff in this clip wearing sexy Daisy Dukes, a red cowboy hat and white boots. But she mixes it up with some cool wardrobe changes throughout the clip against the backdrop of a Western ranch setting.

“Selfish” opens with Nisha’s signature “Make it wave BJ” and the following lyrics:

“I need you all the time

You’re my piece of mind

And baby you’re so fine

That’s why, I’m selfish when it comes to you.

I don’t want to share you with nobody, I refuse to.

I need you more than the earth needs the sun and moon.

I can’t help it if I’m selfish, I’m selfish”.

“Selfish” is her newest track, but Nisha has also released 10 other singles on Spotify which have received a lot of attention from her fans. Her earlier singles include: “On Go”, “Miss Me Now”, “Trust”, “Honesty”, “Confidential”, “Next One”, “Time is Up”, “Get it Up” and “X-Rated”.

“Selfish” has a much slower tempo than some of her earlier singles such as “On Go” and “Miss Me Now” while still being a dope dance track for the clubs. The soulful “Selfish” is an R&B melody which feels like a love song. It’s about yearning for the one you love.

Check out Nisha’s awesome music video on YouTube. “Selfish” shows Nisha’s maturation as a singer-songwriter in the R&B and pop-soul genre.

The music video was shot by @Voice2Hard Music & Film Productions. It was choreographed and styled by Nisha herself. The single “Selfish” is out now and you can connect with Nisha on social media.

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