Niall Horan Announces New Single ‘No Judgement’

Niall Horan Announces New Single ‘No Judgement’


Niallers, get ready for some more new music.

On Tuesday (Feb. 4), Niall Horan took to social media to announce that his new single, "No Judgement," will drop on Friday (Feb. 7). 

"Couldn’t be more excited for this one if I tried," he captioned the cover art, a black-and-white image of the crooner strumming a guitar. Though the accompanying teaser doesn't give any lyric hints, we do briefly hear a catchy and sultry guitar melody.

"No Judgement" will follow previously released singles "Nice to Meet Ya" and "Put a Little Love on Me." All three will be featured on Horan's upcoming sophomore album, which doesn't yet have a release date.