New Music From Nicole Lundy “Drift”

New Music From Nicole Lundy “Drift”


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It is often said that if a song does not catch your ear within the first few seconds of being played, it is likely to be ‘trashed’ by the listeners. While, we may not agree with that notion in all cases, and can definitely see how some songs are growers, Nicole Lundy’s Drift does not have to worry about this problem. A beat-driven track and production, the beat drops before the vocals do. However, Lundy’s vocal is clear and piercing. There is no point during the track that it feels like she is left behind by the instrumentation. Instead, she does well to stay on top of the groove and allows her melody and phrasing to take center-stage.

Perhaps it can be said that Lundy is one of the few truly unique talents within the modern era of R&B music who can fully embrace the modern sound (instrumentation and vocal style alike) and do so in a way where she still remains in full command of her sound. In no way does the song feel over-produced or that the track is compensating for a glaring lack of vocals. Instead, it is the opposite that proves to be true.

If we were to compare her sound to any of her popular contemporaries, we would say Nicole Lundy’s sound is reminiscent of Sevyn Streeter, Dani Leigh, and Tinashe with a hint of Ella Mai. The slow groove of the song betrays what could be a smooth dance number (we’re talking visuals here) that could easily be well-complemented by the likes of a Chris Brown. This is hardly surprising given Nicole reminds us of some of those women in the genre that he has worked within that capacity – particularly, his protege Sevyn Streeter.


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