James Worthy – Goldmine ft. J. Holiday

James Worthy – Goldmine ft. J. Holiday


Listen Now: http://song.link/goldmine

J. Holiday is no stranger to the modern R&B scene. His massive international hit “Bed,” has placed him among the greatest talents within the modern expressions of R&B. Perhaps what made J. Holiday stand out was his classic take (vocally) on the modern sound (instrumentation) of today’s R&B music. His collaboration with James Worthy on his latest release Goldmine allows is testament to his position within the genre.

Worthy’s vocals (which can be likened to the likes of an August Alsina or Bryson Tiller) with the instrumentation to match, allows him to stand shoulder to shoulder sonically with some of his more popular peers. Add J Holiday’s signature sound and musical approach to that mix and you have (as the kids would say) a certified bop. From the production to the performance, this song is a contender for the Billboard Hip/R&B 100 as much as it is for the Adult Contemporary Billboard charts. With the right promotional support, not only should this song make the charts, but it should chart well on said charts. We are definitely looking forward to seeing how this number will perform.