New EP from Brooklyn neo-soul collective Herbivores

New EP from Brooklyn neo-soul collective Herbivores


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In this R&B music review we look at The Herbivores. Hailing from Brooklyn NYC, they are a four piece neo-soul group that have released their first self-titled EP. Over the last year or so members Reddaz, Bel-Ami, Will Sacks and Misha Savage, already well-regarded independent musicians, have been making a splash with their new collective in the NYC live music scene.

Whilst the group describes their sound as primarily neo-soul, they travel a wide range of musical styles on this six track EP ranging from straight R&B and soul to 90s hip-hop influences. The opening track, Kinda Like a Crush, is a breezy summer groove that could have been taken straight from the late 90s. 90 Degree Bae continues the theme of summer love and the inevitable ups and downs of blossoming romance. The EP is produced by members Misha Savage and Will Sacks and these two tracks in particular evoke the sound of Childish Gambino and D’Angelo.

6AM and Like U sound more like the neo-soul the band is usually labelled as. 6AM has a funky, sexy groove that speaks to getting it on in the morning while the romantic sweet nothings whispered into a lover’s ear on Like U have a lovely slow percussive feel. Ghosts continues the exploration of relationships exploring the doubts and trepidation that can come with a new love and that continues the slow groove vibe. Running in Place, the final track on the EP, is a soulful, inspirational track that speaks about chasing success and how difficult the struggle can be for an independent artist.

The Herbivores’ EP is an impressive, assured debut and each song stands on its own merits with lush, vibrant production and neo-soul funk influences combined with impressive vocal performances and alluring melodies. Given the talents of the members this is not surprising and it’s likely we can expect great things from them in the future.