Bliss Bliss – What’s Going On (Macau Club Mix)

Bliss Bliss – What’s Going On (Macau Club Mix)


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The early 70s was a tumultuous time in the world and artists could not help but get affected by the social upheavals. Marvin Gaye released “What’s Going On” in 1971 as a commentary on police brutality and the aftermath of the Vietnam War. This marked a departure from Gaye’s earlier Motown sound and pushed him more into creating personal material. It was a smash hit that peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and a legacy that can still be felt today.

The song has been covered countless time by a variety of artists in different genres across the years. This time, Bliss Bliss offers their own take in a bid to take the social consciousness of the 70s to the modern era straight into the dance floors. Their original recording has been remixed by DJs around the world with each adding their own flavors. This one is a remix from a Brazilian DJ who goes by the name MACAU. If you like house music and EDM, then this video may be right for you.

The vocals surely hits the spot. Just close your eyes and feel the music. The lyric continue to be relevant almost 50 years after its original release. What does this say about society in general? What happened to progress? This year has been particularly disruptive for everyone because of the pandemic, the protests, and so many other issues that threaten to overwhelm the mind. Many are left asking “what’s going on?” in an endless loop. So perhaps turning this classic into a remix that does exactly that is fitting in these trying times.