Nastibayb releases new single “All to Me”

Nastibayb releases new single “All to Me”


The talented R&B group Nastibayb has dropped their new single, “All to Me” on YouTube and all the usual streaming platforms.

One of the founding members of Nastibayb, Harold “Nasti Musiq” Peevy was previously mentioned on Singersroom in January 2022 when we discussed the release of his earlier single “Without You”.

The Oklahoma-based R&B duo Nastibayb is made up of Nasti Musiq and Bam Beezy Bayb. They deliver with their debut single and new music video “All To Me” which is an irresistibly smooth and sensual new 2022 R&B slow jam.

The stylish music video opens sensuously in a bar/club where our heroes, Nastibayb are seated and eyeing off two beautiful young women. The video is artfully shot using a combination of light and shadows. The electronic tracking opening is just sublime and neatly segues into a smooth beat and the song unfolds to tell the story of our young heroes.

“All To Me” is a romantic ballad and it’s also about two young guys discussing their romantic lives. The tempo and the harmony is sophisticated and Nastibayb have done a great job mixing up the sound to create a great listening experience for their growing fan base. The vocal harmony by both artists in “All To Me” is a joy to listen to. This R&B dreamteam will be on Singersroom radar as talent to watch over the coming years to see their growth as musicians and artists.

“All To Me” is out now on all the usual streaming platforms – get your copy now and add this one to your playlists.

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