Nassy Javontee Releases “Tell Me What U Want”

Nassy Javontee Releases “Tell Me What U Want”


Listen now:

“Tell Me What U Want” is a slick song performed by R&B sensation Nassy Javontee. This beautiful celebration of music is the perfect, romantic getaway from everything going on. Javontee’s lyrics are smooth, well-written, and an ode to the timeless allure and essence of love. With a laid-back beat and unique production, this track should be a must on your R&B and slow songs playlist.

If you love old-school R&B with a contemporary vibe, this jam is it. The melodic rhythm fused with memorable lyrics will take you back to a much simpler time. A place where love and courtship were the same — the endless journey of finding your significant other and reminiscing over favorite ballads with timeless memories.

“Tell Me What You Want” is captivating and will truly touch the heart and soul. Javontee has etched out an R&B masterpiece on this single that will resonate for years to come. Enjoy this beloved song on long drives or at home, communicating with your thoughts. I have this stellar track on repeat as it lets me escape the everyday grind and humdrum life many of us are experiencing.

I love the essence of this track that will melt hearts and take earbuds to new levels. Check out this fantastic song by clicking on the link below. Javontee truly has a distinct voice, and we all look forward to more heartfelt numbers by this up and coming artist extraordinaire.