Daniel Leung Releases 3 Singles Combo – Closer, Angel & Serenade

Daniel Leung Releases 3 Singles Combo – Closer, Angel & Serenade


The first single is entitled, “Closer”. “Closer” relies heavily on acoustic guitar. It’s slow cross-over R&B music that has a strong dependency on pop/folk. R&B hailed originally from Southern Jazz and so did country. So, this song is standing on the shoulders of the off-shoots of R&B’s origins.

“Angel” sung with Leung’s mellow tenor voice is soothing. This song is reminiscent of Minnie Riperton’s style in “Lovin You” where acoustic guitar was the only musical accompaniment. Despite the limits of the musical composition the song was quite successful. We see this same feat in Leung’s song, “Angel”. Its feel is quite different, but the overall effect is to leave you grasping the feel for the concept of an Angel being waited for, giving and receiving love.

As you relax and feel the song, its apparent the mood is seducing and at the same time peaceful as you’re lulled into a soothing satisfaction with your Angel, your trusted lover.

“Serenade me through the night, Leung sings in his very seductive voice. This song is filled with enticing lyrics that pull the guard down. He repeatedly asked his seductress to serenade him all night. It’s a very appealing request. A woman knows if he’s not requesting her voice, he’s at least requesting her presence. Combined these pleasing lyrics with the strums of acoustic guitar and you have a winner.

Listen now: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4xiC1h5YzYeQ38NNbrgbBh?si=bm7Qs3YyTSa2lOjlAl8jUA