‘MTV Is Gonna Fire Me’: Why Kail Thinks Her Time Is Up On Teen Mom 2

‘MTV Is Gonna Fire Me’: Why Kail Thinks Her Time Is Up On Teen Mom 2


Kail informed production at the beginning of this Teen Mom 2 season that she would no longer be filming, but she returned three months later. And during tonight’s episode, the mother of four expressed her frustration about “filming only about negative things” in her life and contemplated her future on the long-running series yet again.

But first, some context. When the crew and cameras arrived for the last day of this cycle, Kail was visibly relieved and stated, “Thank God. No offense — I love everyone.”

Producer Annemarie then asked Kail, who was accompanied by Vee in her office, if there were any specific things she wanted to address. Kail insisted they could “go with the flow.” But that didn’t exactly happen because Kail immediately asked if Executive Producer Larry was around (Annemarie stated he was in the car).

“He just came in case I said anything reckless,” Kail said, adding that she felt like this was a case of babysitting.

Annemarie then asked what Kail’s issues were with filming; Kail explained that she felt “hounded” to discuss the fathers of her sons. She also believed her cast members were not being treated the same way.

“Where is Leah talking about Corey and Jeremy? I don’t want to give you stuff that I’m doing when I’m not respected the same way as them,” Kail said. “And then you want to be elaborate on Javi and Kail possibly getting back together. Come on now. Why would I want to film that?”

After getting everything off her chest, she then observed, “MTV is gonna fire me after this.”

This concluding statement prompted Larry to emerge — and dive deeper into Kail’s feelings. He explained that he was present because it was the final shoot and that they did take a “sabbatical for a period of time.” Larry also pivoted back to Leah and explained that her situation had evolved over time. But Kail still maintained that it was not comparable to the pressure she faced discussing Jo, Javi and Chris.

Vee offered that it was centered around the drama with Chris; however, Larry disagreed that it was more about “the logistics” of having four boys with three dads and the moving pieces of Kail’s life. Kail expressed that she understood Larry’s sentiment and that she did want to share it, but it made her nervous. Annemarie asked if she was doing her podcast when she stopped filming, and Kail replied that she makes more money with this business venture than she does with Teen Mom 2.

“I’m proud of all your success, but don’t forget this show made it possible,” Larry countered, to which Kail raised her middle fingers and added, “Love y’all.”

What do you think Kail’s future holds, and will Teen Mom 2 be a part of it? Do not miss the mother of four on part 1 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion next Tuesday at 8/7c.