Mother Takes Advice From Anti-Vax FB Group, Son Later Dies

Mother Takes Advice From Anti-Vax FB Group, Son Later Dies


A 4-year-old named Najee in Colorado has died from influenza, after suffering a flu-related seizure, according to Complex.

“The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment can confirm that a preschool-aged child in southern Colorado has died of flu,” CDPHE wrote in a statement. “The death is the second pediatric flu death in Colorado this season. The department does not have any records that show whether the child was vaccinated against influenza.”

Two of Najee (Junior)’s brothers have also been diagnosed with the flu. 

The Colorado Times Recorder, reports that the child’s mother sought help from an anti-vax Facebook group before his death. The group suggested elderberry, placing potatoes on the child’s forehead, and simply “eating lots of fruits and vegetables,” rather than taking Tamiflu.

“Yes it’s scary the doc told me to give my other two children and myself [Tamiflu] so we won’t get it,” the mother wrote in the Facebook group, seemingly after Najee’s hospitalization.

“You’re better off taking Vitamin D and C, Elderberry, Zinc, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables,” one commenter replied.

“Ok perfect I’ll try that,” the mother responded.

Days later, Najee was dead.

“He was my only son that wasn’t sick,” his mother said. “I’m hurting so bad right now and so is his dad and brothers. Our whole family is hurting and it feels like we failed him because we did what we had to do.”