Moneybagg Yo’s Baby Mama Takes Shots At Ari Fletcher

Moneybagg Yo’s Baby Mama Takes Shots At Ari Fletcher


One of Moneybagg Yo’s baby mamas, Whitney White, who goes by the name Juicy Baby on social media, had a lot to say about his current girlfriend Ari Fletcher’s tweet, after many speculated that it was directed at her. On Tuesday night, Ari took to Twitter to vent a little, and tons of folks on the Internet were certain that her tweet must have been about her own man’s ex. “To be obsessed with a n*gga to the point you start copying his new b*tch is just scary,” Ari wrote. “Let it go b*tch, damn.”

The tweet caused a massive uproar, with many hopping in the replies to clarify just who Ari was referring to. Some were concerned that she was talking about Moneybagg’s most well-known ex, Megan Thee Stallion, but others firmly believed that she was taking shots at Juicy.

It appears that the reason Ari criticized Juicy in the first place was, according to the replies, because Juicy posted a video of her daughter bathing in the tub with her. Many thought that she was copying Ari, who often posts similar content with her son, Yosohn. Juicy was shamed not only for allegedly copying Ari, but also because her daughter was perceived to be too old to be in the bath with her mom.

Juicy was fed up with all the talk, and decided to address the situation on her Instagram story.

“See at this point I cant wit this social media sh*t, cause only if yall knew what happens behind closed doors !” Juicy wrote in all caps. “I dont got nomo talk for this sh*t, cause the real know wasup !” In another story, she continued, “And one last thing as far as me taking a bath wit my child, that some I do everyday with her, and her father knows this his self ! I dont never have to be like nobody ! Cause at the end of the day yall are fooled by all of this “social media” sh*t ! Its much bigger then this BS !”

Moneybagg Yo's Baby Mama Takes Shots At Ari FletcherPrince Williams/Wireimage/GettyImages

Juicy went on to indirectly point the finger at Ari in the next post. “And one more thing, obsessed with my babydaddy” she wrote, followed by some cry-laughing emojis. “B*tch u sound slow ASF ! But since you got so much talk, h*e whats good ?” Ari has not addressed the situation further, only tweeting that she was laughing at “the sh*t I just read in my comment section.”