Mivviih Releases Single “OK”

Mivviih Releases Single “OK”


From the promo leading to the release of the official video a couple of days ago, Mivviih’s new single “Ok” has lived up to the expectations. From the sounds and looks of this release, it is clear that Mivviih is here to stay. Sonically, her sound is reminiscent of a young Beyonce or Kelly Rowland during the heyday of their successful girl group Destiny’s child.

While “Ok” does capture the feel-good sounds of R&B from the early 2000s and late 90s, Mivviih has modernized the sound – making her relevant to today’s musical landscape. Importantly, there is also the aspect of storytelling that has led to Mivviih’s “Ok” being as captivating as it is. The storytelling is clever and the storyline is familiar to R&B fans who are familiar with stories of a self-sabotaging, selfish lover, who simply refuses to do what is necessary to keep the love in a relationship going. In the end, Miviih resolves that ‘it’s all good’ and everything is “Ok” in spite of the fact that their love story was a promising one that simply never came to be.

As for the visuals, the hula hoop earrings, curly hair midriff, and sneakers are familiar staples from some of R&B music’s most popular days (yes, namely the 90’s and 2000’s). Perhaps Miviih is deliberate in trying to bring it back. Deliberate or not, the influence is clear, and Miviih makes it work.