Meet The 'Ride Or Dies' Competing On 'The Challenge'

Meet The 'Ride Or Dies' Competing On 'The Challenge'


The Challenge Season 38 competitors are “lucky” to have a built-in support system in the game. And that is because they get to compete alongside their ride or dies

The Challenge: Ride or Dies will feature 17 pairs — and the seemingly unbreakable bonds between friends, family and partners will be tested. From former teammates (Bananas and Nany as well as Darrell and Veronica) to a bunch of new faces from different reality series, these duos will compete for their share of the $1 million prize.  

See the entire lineup, below, and stay with MTV News as we approach the premiere of The Challenge: Ride or Dies on Wednesday, October 12 at 8/7c!

  • Amber Borzotra

    Instagram: @amberborzotra

  • Chauncey Palmer

    Instagram: @c.palmerofficial

  • Nam Vo

    Instagram: @nam.vo.official

  • Emmy Russ

    Instagram: @emmyruss

  • Devin Walker

    Instagram: @mtv_devin

  • Tori Deal

    Instagram: @tori_deal

  • Fessy Shafaat

    Instagram: @fessyfitness

  • Moriah Jadea

    Instagram: @moriahjadea

  • Laurel Stucky

    Instagram: @laurelstucky 

  • Jakk Maddox

    Instagram: @jakkofheartss

  • Kailah Bird

    Instagram: @kailah_casillas 

  • Sam Bird

    Instagram:  @samrobertbird

  • Turbo

    Instagram: @turabi

  • Tamara Alfaro

    Instagram: @tamaraaalfaro

  • Nelson Thomas

    Instagram:  @_nelsonthomas

  • Nurys Mateo

    Instagram:  @nuryskmateo

  • Jay Starrett

    Instagram:  @jqskim

  • Michele Fitzgerald

    Instagram: @mich_fitz

  • Horacio Gutierrez

    Instagram:  @horaciogutierrezjr

  • Olivia Kaiser

    Instagram: @oliviaannkaiser

  • Kim Tränka

    Instagram:  @kim_tnka

  • Colleen Schneider

    Instagram:  @colleenschneider

  • Johnny Middlebrooks

    Instagram:   @johnny_llee

  • Ravyn Rochelle

    Instagram:  @itsravyn

  • Tommy Bracco

    Instagram:  @tommybracco

  • Analyse Talavera

    Instagram:  @analysetalavera

  • Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio

    Instagram:  @johnnybananas

  • Nany Gonzalez

    Instagram: @nanycarmen

  • Jordan Wiseley

    Instagram: @jordan_wiseley

  • Aneesa Ferreira

    Instagram: @aneesamtv

  • Darrell Taylor

    Instagram: @darell_taylor_lb4lb

  • Veronica Portillo

    Instagram:  @v_cakes 

  • Kaycee Clark

    Instagram: @kcsince1987

  • Kenny Clark

    Instagram: @officialkennyclark

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