Meek Mill Weighs In On Pop Smoke & Casanova Beef With Brooklyn Critique

Meek Mill Weighs In On Pop Smoke & Casanova Beef With Brooklyn Critique


There is an undying desire among New York rappers to become the undisputed king of the city. Perhaps more than in other places across the United States, New York (and Brooklyn in particular) is one of the most competitive lands in the rap game. Things were out of control when Tekashi 6ix9ine was in the fold as we witnessed the rainbow-haired informant enter into feuds with some of NY’s finest. With his absence now being felt, it was time for other heavy hitters in the area to step up, creating entertainment and banter between one another. Pop Smoke and Casanova are currently going at it but, if it were up to Meek Mill, peace would be running through every Brooklyn man’s veins.

Taking to Twitter to comment on the battle between Pop Smoke and Casanova, which begun heating up this week, Meek Mill noted that Brooklyn rappers are really out here beefing for not much of a reason. “Y’all Brooklyn n***as be beefing wit each other too much,” wrote the Philadelphia rapper. “Stop pumping that shit too if you not involved ….. let them guys get they money and if you official and you around say something.”

Later in the same night, Meek realized that he might not be the most appropriate person to speak on such issues, remembering that he has had problems with just about every other rapper from his own land. “Who am I to talk right I beefed with every rapper in my city b4 except a few,” he said. “Let me mind mines … I’m from Philly … I try to be meek Luther king some days.”

What are your thoughts on the state of Brooklyn rap right now?