Meek Mill & Jay-Z Face Lawsuit By Ex-Philly Cop Over "Free Meek" Doc: Report

Meek Mill & Jay-Z Face Lawsuit By Ex-Philly Cop Over "Free Meek" Doc: Report


2019 was a big year for Meek Mill. Without releasing much music, he did make strides in his push for prison reform, as well as his own case. His journey to get off probation finally came to an end successfully as he received a new judge and a new trial. Throughout the journey, he released the Free Meek documentary detailing his struggles with the prison system.

According to Philly news outlet Billy Penn, a former Philadelphia cop has filed a lawsuit against Meek Mill and Jay-Z over the documentary. Saqueta Williams appeared in one of the episode that details Philly’s “Do Not Call” list — an index of 60 cops who the D.A. steer clears of bringing to court to testify due to their credibility.

Described as an unofficial list that “names more than 60 cops whom the district attorney’s office avoids summoning to testify in court, due to credibility issues,” her lawsuit says that the inclusion of her name and photo amounts to defamation as she’s painted as being crooked. She was arrested for firing her gun during an off-duty altercation outside of a bar. She was later acquitted.

“It lends the impression to the ordinary person that she was a corrupt police officer. That she had lied or perjured herself, which is not true,” said Williams’ lawyer, Steven F. Marino. “That’s the foundation of the suit.”

The lawsuit claims that Williams  “suffered harm to her reputation and emotional duress as a result” and she’s demanding for damages. She’s reportedly the only officer on the list that’s filing against Meek, Jay, Roc Nation, Amazon, and Wenner Media.