Meek Mill Calls Out Wale for Taking Pic with An Enemy: “I gave him 1000 Chances”

Meek Mill Calls Out Wale for Taking Pic with An Enemy: “I gave him 1000 Chances”


Meek Mill is not happy that Wale was hanging out with his opp, Dean.

On Monday morning, Meek took to Twitter to call Wale out over taking a picture with his old friend, Dean. “Wale never liked me … now ima treat him like the streeets everytime I see him … I gave him 1000 chances these guys be thinking they linking with the enemy clown ass nigga I wish I woulda knew the other day I woulda stretched you!” he wrote along with a screenshot of Wale and Dean at a strip club.

Dean is a former Dream Chasers affiliate and an old friend of Meek’s. He even accused Meek at one point of physically abusing Nicki Minaj during their time together as a couple.

“I feel an away I woulda just made wale dip my son was there he was tryna take pics with Rubin like a Groupie lol now he sitting around bum opps in Philly … how did these guys get this secretly jealous of me lol they went broke!,” Meek added to the above tweet which seems to have been taken down.

“I never believed this clown but now it add up lol so ima move like that these n#%gas scared of me … and I’m
Neutral cause I’m blessed but now they making me mad … niggas acting cool with my kids with OPPs same day…. It’s slime time fellas let’s goo!”

Meek added: “Ima reply to them because in the future it will alll come together a lot of people in our culture play very pivotal jealous rolls… that’s how pac big got killed playing around jealous bums im tryna crush the opposites! Nothing less war for anything against me! They tryna destroy what I built for my family yes im wilding about it! Fuck uou niggas!

“Niggas only get killed having secret jealous niggas around… the moment nip went up with jayz puma Khaled … niggas tried to get the streets to turn on him because he was going up… nip loving his community still was there not in war mind frame that he knows too! Yall niggas know how pac got killed him and biggie ain’t even have no real beef it was the low life’s on the side … wale scared of Deen he probably ain’t wanna take this pic lol and Chris you running wit Deen yall niggas real goofie I know you dead cracked”

‘A lot of people get mad when you speak up how you want … because they never can speak up they only do what they can and gotta play a roll to even get around this shit! All this shit came around me it’s different and I’m not chasing none of that other shit nomore!

When a user said to Meek “you are at war with yourself Meek,” he responded: “Nah I just wanna fight when it’s a bunch of men around me plotting on the demise of me and my family! I’m a regular person not in a gang or anything … it’s a lot of shaking hands smiling around my kids then being around people that wanna see me die off!”

“This shit ruining the black culture they can’t mentally understand it it’s like how they control the lab mice brains by reactions … I hope we catch it soon… I lost a few family members looking at this phone too much. The females been being more solid then the males nowadays why is it men doing tell allls and pic link ups … if yall don’t like me that much go at me!”

“I was raised in jail and in kiladelphia how did yall forget so fast …. Yall not listening to my raps I been this way! I never been normal tf I have boundaries like every other American but shit not sweet out here why yall acting like it!

Wale responds:

Wale tweeted his reply to Meek in a mature manner, saying “When u get in other people unserious drama in this industry 90pct of the time they be back friends… eventually ..and then u look silly… in the end… so I love minding my business. If a photo can create such vitriol , one has to ask himself some questions. Happy Monday”

Meek had more responses for Wale: “I ignored this because if this was true you would be in danger … but now I see you around guys that’s on full meek campaigns I get you..I wouldn’t of dat you and made you uncomfortable around my family the other day! That’s why you tried to post Mike but hate me lol”

“I’m on to you when I seen you fashion week you was drunk speaking on rappers with 200 models in the room… your energy was off… let me know so we can solve this immediately if you feel a way about something!”

“If I call Glizzy and he say yeah that’s a different level of danger I have to access with you … I just didn’t ask because I’m more developed and I know you a hoe! But believe I find out any of this true I’m on you! This why the rap game screwed along of niggas be having these secretly jealous vibes you can’t do songs or tours with them lol he’s always been jealous of me but tryna link with meek haters intentionally ..wale killed all his relationships dont come around again with bad energy!”