‘Like That’ Now Kendrick Lamar’s Longest Running #1 Hit of All Time on Billboard Hot 100

‘Like That’ Now Kendrick Lamar’s Longest Running #1 Hit of All Time on Billboard Hot 100


In what seems to be light work for Kendrick Lamar, his latest song ‘Like That’ has overtaken and surpassed previous hits from his discography on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

The scathing track, crafted in collaboration with Future and Metro Boomin, is now the longest running number 1 hit for Kendrick, comfortably peaking on top for two weeks and counting. Kendrick’s previous personal record was solidified with tracks like ‘HUMBLE’ and ‘Bad Blood’, both of which spent a week each at the coveted summit.

With this monumental feat, Kendrick now has a total of 3 songs that have made it to the #1 position on the charts. Notably, 72 of the tracks in his discography have made it to the Hot 100, out of which 13 songs have made the top 10 cut. In contrast, his contemporary J. Cole (one of two artists the track was intended towards) has had a total of 74 songs in the Hot 100 – with 12 songs making it to the top 10, and only 1 at the top. It would also be remiss not to include rapper and singer Drake in this conversation, who has had an impressive 77 songs in the Top 10 alone, with a whopping total of 329 songs making it to the Hot 100 and 13 making it to the number one position.

What remains yet to be seen is how the chart positions fluctuate with fans of the ‘Big 3’ anticipating follow up releases from the three in the midst of ongoing controversy between these top tier artists. With J. Cole issuing a formal apology to Kendrick for his response to the hit ‘Like That’, a Cole release in the ongoing lore is unlikely, whereas Drake’s response is awaited with baited breath in light of his insinuations on social media and otherwise.