Meechy Darko’s Father Fatally Shot By Miami Police Department

Meechy Darko’s Father Fatally Shot By Miami Police Department


Yesterday, it was reported that the father of Meechy Darko (of Flatbush Zombies) was fatally shot by Miami police officers. The incident occurred this past weekend after Meechy’s father Ryan O. Simms allegedly attacked and stabbed an officer named Ricardo Castillo. XXL shared a press release from the Miami police department detailing their account.

Apparently, Castillo and several officers had received a call from Mango’s Cafe, after claims that Simms was threatening employees. Upon their arrival, Simms then proceeded to stab Castillo, prompting his fellow officers to open fire. Though Castillo was sent to the intensive care unit, his current condition is confirmed to be stable. Though Simms was also brought to the hospital, he did not survive. He did not have a local arrest record. 

Meechy Darko's Father Fatally Shot By Miami Police Department

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 

Last night, Meechy Darko shared an emotional message on Instagram in homage to his father. “My heart is shattered,” he begins. “Never ever in my life felt pain like this before. I’m trying to stay strong and be tough for him. I’m filled with so many emotions right now. I don’t want to come on here for any type of sympathy. I want to spread this message. To Any and everyone out there dealing with Mental illness. Please get help.”

“This has been a Battle that My Family and I have been dealing with for over a decade, suffering in silence,” he continues. “I used to think there was strength in that…I love my father. So Much. Never once was ever ashamed of him despite what may have been going through mentally or what he may have thought in his head.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Meechy Darko in this difficult time.