Matt Ox Says He Turned Down Drake’s $150,000 Offer To Buy His Song

Matt Ox Says He Turned Down Drake’s $150,000 Offer To Buy His Song


According to Matt Ox, Drake was apparently interested in buying one of his songs a couple years ago, but the 16-year old rapper said he wasn’t having it. In a recent interview with No Jumper, Matt told Adam22 that Drizzy wanted to buy his song “Messages” for $150,000 dollars, but he didn’t believe it.

“Drake tried to buy my song first,” Matt says looking rather disheveled and lets say tired in the clip. “Messages,” he replies to Adam when asked which one Drizzy wanted. “He was tryna pay us $150 thousand bro,” Matt Ox said while adding that Drizzy wanted to keep the song from coming out. “I said no,” he repeated. When asked if he was directly in talks with Drake, Matt Ox said no, and that OB O’Brien from the OVO camp hit him up. 

While Matt says he didn’t go through with it because he lowkey thought it was fake, Adam too reiterated that it could’ve been a scammer, to which Matt agreed & believed. However, Matt and Drake do share a common interest in producer Oogie Mane, of Working On Dying, who produced Drizzy’s Scorpion hit “I’m Upset,” so the two worlds coming together isn’t as crazy as it sounds. 

Later, Matt said he was down to do a song with Drake in the future, but then again that’s just common sense for any up coming artist really. Check out the uninspiring chat (below) and let us know what you think. Is Matt Ox out of his mind here or do you think Drizzy really wanted his song?