Listen to Turk NY’s Hot New Releases “Only A Millie’” and “Two Things”

Listen to Turk NY’s Hot New Releases “Only A Millie’” and “Two Things”


The artist behind the hit album Composure, Turk NY is back at it again but this time with two tracks. Serving us with double the awesome, Turk NY has released two very distinctive but equally amazing songs.

Coming from Queens, New York, Turk is the mastermind behind many singles and lyrics. The singles, “Only A Millie’” and “Two Things,” have strikingly grown to reach new heights in the star’s success. Turk NY’s positive appeal and rap abilities are highly apparent on these tracks.

The song “Only A Millie’” is an anthem for self determination and reaching new milestones. The rapper speaks about his road to success pushed with confidence and certainty. The track was released with an exciting music video, as the artist is seen spilling verses and memorable hooks into action. The second track titled “Two Things” is for a more upbeat scene, as he freely splutters relatable lyrics scattered across contagious tunes. While the two songs hold distinctive approaches to his work, the talents of Turk NY are clearly visible and infectious in both.

Turk NY, also known as Will Bentè, is recognized for his melodic rap songs, setting him apart from the crowd.