Lil Yachty & James Blake Announce Joint Album ‘Bad Cameo’

Lil Yachty & James Blake Announce Joint Album ‘Bad Cameo’


Lil Yachty and James Blake have announced a joint album.

Last year, Lil Yachty made a pivot from rap to psychedelic rock with his album Let’s Start Here. It got mixed reactions but a lot of critics praised the project. Yachty has followed up the album with diverse collaborations such as Faye Webster, Fred Again.. and Kid Cudi.

Now he’s teaming up with James Blake for a joint album called Bad Cameo. “I think James has worked with a quite substantial amount of hip hop artists,” Yachty said in a promo video posted on his Instagram. “But this project is so left for both of us. Then, aside from the one picture that James posted, which he doesn’t have many followers actually, I don’t think people know that we know each other exist.”

No release date has been announced yet but we are looking forward to hearing what this will end like.