Eminem to Co-Produce Documentary on Stan Culture

Eminem to Co-Produce Documentary on Stan Culture


Eminem is set to co-produce a new documentary on stan culture. As we know, Em coined the popular term with his song back in 2000 which became a worldwide rage.

The new documentary will be a “revealing, edgy, and disarmingly personal journey into the world of superfandom, told through the lens of one of the world’s most iconic and enduring artists, Eminem, and the fans that worship him” according to Variety who first reported on this.

Eminem will co-produce the documentary under his Shady Films banner, with Steven Leckart serving as its director. It will have initial distribution from Paramount/MTV. A release date hasn’t been announced yet but the film is slated to come later this year.

Eminem’s longtime manager, Paul Rosenberg, and Shady Films’ Stuart Parr said, “Stans will be the opportunity for us to to turn the camera around and ask the audience about being fans — and in some cases, fanatics. This is a study of the relationship between fanbase and artist through the lens of one of Eminem’s most fascinating songs and one of the world’s most important entertainers.”

Tony DiSanto, DIGA CEO and a former top MTV executive, says, “Paul Rosenberg and I have known each other since my days on MTV’s ‘TRL,’ a show that was driven by the power of fandom, bringing artists and their fans together. So when he told me about the idea for this film, it felt like we had come full circle. ‘Stans’ will explore the complex relationship between fame and super fandom, told through the lens of one of the world’s most Iconic artists, Eminem, his music, and, especially, his most extreme fans.”