Lil Yachty Announces "Lil Boat 3"

Lil Yachty Announces "Lil Boat 3"


Appearing as a highlight on the latest Quality Control compilation project, Lil Yachty is vying to shake things up on his own, which he commenced yesterday by releasing a hilarious video for his new single “Oprah’s Bank Account” with DaBaby and Drake. The video sees him dressing up in drag and playing the role of Boprah, hosting a fictional talk show and giving each audience member a boat as a parting gift. It was only a matter of time before this announcement came but, alas, here we are with news that Lil Boat 3 is officially confirmed. 

On the anniversary of his first Lil Boat project, Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty released his latest single and, on the same day, he told the world that we could expect some more new music from him imminently. 

Lil Boat 3, coming soon,” wrote the creative red-haired recording artist. “Thank you for your patience. Please enjoy the new single ‘Oprah’s Bank Account.'”

At the bottom of the graphic, both album artworks are displayed for Lil Boat and Lil Boat 2, with a question mark placed over a third placeholder. We wouldn’t be surprised if he sticks with a nautical theme for this one, continuing a string of excellent cover artworks for Lil Yachty and ending the trilogy with a bang. One question remains though: will LB3 arrive before or after his collaborative project with Tee Grizzley?

Are you excited about this new album after hearing “Oprah’s Bank Account?”