Lil Dicky Reflects On Success Of "Dave" FX TV Series

Lil Dicky Reflects On Success Of "Dave" FX TV Series


Lil Dicky ventured into screenwriting, acting, and executive producing all at once, with the creation of his new TV show for FX titled Dave. The series, which is loosely based on Lil Dicky himself– whose real name is David Andrew Burd– found the rapper in the titular role, as he begins to break into the rap scene out in Los Angeles. He goes viral for the first time, gets to meet YG, performs for the first time and more through out the ten episodes of the first season.

The TV show has earned comparisons to Atlanta for its subject matter and approach– but it’s still unique, looking at life through Dave’s lens, which, is goes without saying, is an entirely different lens than Atlanta‘s Earn character. 

Lil Dicky Reflects On Success Of "Dave" FX TV Series

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Dave recently wrapped up its first season, leaving Lil Dicky with some reflecting to do. The comedic rapper shared a heartfelt post about the success of the first season and his role in it on his Instagram, along with a behind-the-scenes clip from an episode of Dave. The clip in particular shows Dicky assuming the role of director, as he provides feedback to Gata and West Coast rapper AD who makes a brief appearance in episode three of the series. Check out the clip below.

In his farewell message concerning the FX series, Dicky gets real about the effort that went into the show, while giving immense thanks to those who’ve believed and supported his journey along the way. In the photo, Dicky is lying on the grass– he writes on the caption, “This picture was captured of me during the first shoot day of season one. If I look overwhelmed, it’s because I was. I had never written a script before. I actually downloaded the screenwriting software for the first time to write this season. I had never acted before. Never executive produced before. Never done anything beyond make rap songs and videos.”

He continues, “But a lot of people believed in me. Many of you did from the start of my career. I could tell that it wasn’t just about my music, you guys actually liked and believed in ME. As a person. Then, I was lucky enough to have Fx believe in me too. And then an incredible group of writers, a cast and crew…who came to work every day on a show created by a guy who’s never even worked in the medium before, yet was demanding it be treated and approached like it was the most important work of their careers. And somehow, they all cared about it just as much as I did. They believed it was going to be special. I don’t know why, but they did.”

He ends this note with an empowering message for his fans: “Let me be a prime example when I say that things are totally possible in life. I had no legitimate reason to believe I could be a successful rapper. But I believed, and then I became that. I had no real reason to believe I could make a great tv show without any experience. But I believed, and I believe we achieved that.

The thing that was always driving me, and still is to this day: “what if I’m right…” I couldn’t afford to never know that answer. So I tried my hardest to find out…And I am so relieved that I did. Because I was fuckin right!!!! What outlandish things to believe! I did it!!!! No matter what you’re interested in pursuing, do yourself a favor and find out if you are right too. And even if you aren’t, you’ll never blame yourself for being wrong. Because you tried your best and that’s all you can do. And that’s peace of mind as far as I can tell.”

Check out the message below, and let us know if you tuned into the season finale of Dave— any thoughts?