Lil Baby Inspires Joe Budden To Receive His GED

Lil Baby Inspires Joe Budden To Receive His GED


There was much discussed when Lil Baby visited Joe Budden for the music commentator’s Pull Up series, but a noteworthy moment is when the Atlanta rapper revealed that he’d received his GED to help him get a shorter sentence before he went to prison. Lil Baby shared that he paid the fee to take the test and he passed his first time around. Then, Budden stated that he doesn’t have his GED and shared that he dropped out of school in the ninth grade.

“I might take it one day,” said Budden. “I might want to go to college one day... I dropped out of high school in the ninth grade, right. At the time, they said you can go to summer school and make some sh*t up. I dropped out of the summer school and they was like, alright, you can go to [vocational school] and get your GED.” 

Budden said he tried that out, as well, but decided to drop out once again. “Then, I was just on some trying to rap sh*t.” Budden added, “I think I’m gonna do that. You inspired me.” The podcast host did have a few reservations because it’s been a while since he had to sit down and take a test such as this. Check out the clip of the exchange between Joe Budden and Lil Baby below.

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