LeBron James Ripped By Skip Bayless For Lack Of "Clutch Gene"

LeBron James Ripped By Skip Bayless For Lack Of "Clutch Gene"


LeBron James has been dominating the NBA since 2003 and has three NBA championships to show for it. Some feel like he should have more by now although he hasn’t always had the best supporting casts. His early years in Cleveland were destroyed by horrible teammates and his second stint in Cleveland was sullied by a slew of injuries that always presented themselves in the NBA Finals. Despite James’ success, there has been one pundit who can’t seem to accept LeBron’s greatness. Of course, we’re talking about Skip Bayless.

Bayless went on Undisputed this morning and made sure to get his digs in at LeBron after the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Brooklyn Nets. The pundit roasted LeBron for his lack of clutch shots and the inability to get the win for his team. 

“Last night was yet another glaring example of why LeBron shouldn’t even be in the same sentence as Michael Jeffrey Jordan. He just wasn’t born with the clutch gene,” Bayless said. It should be noted that these comments aren’t exactly surprising. Bayless always has disparaging words for LeBron and they won’t stop anytime soon.

LeBron and the Lakers are hoping to have the last laugh, especially since they are first place in the Western Conference and are expected to go to the NBA Finals if they get by the Clippers.