Lawrence Hancock releases 8th album “Don’t Stop Caring”

Lawrence Hancock releases 8th album “Don’t Stop Caring”


Christian and Gospel musical sensation, Lawrence Hancock will be releasing his 8th album, “Don’t Stop Caring” on April 29, 2022. Lawrence Hancock (who is also a Christian Bishop) is a Stellar Award Nominated Artist and member of the Recording Academy. His music label is Bishop Lawrence Hancock.

Album cover art for “Don’t Stop Caring”

The upcoming album, “Don’t Stop Caring” will feature the following 15 tracks:

Feed Me
Look What the Lord Has Done
Usher Me In
Don’t Stop Caring
This Grace
Praise or Something
Console My Heart
Reveal it
One More Chance
The Bell Ring
At Last (I Made It)
Be There.

This powerful 15 song package delivers a soulful, spiritual and sublime listening experience from start to finish. His music blends various elements of Urban Music while featuring vocal performances which demonstrate the power of this agile performer to authentically express his faith in God.

The Toledo, Ohio who now resides in Detroit, Michigan has been writing and performing Gospel music for a number of years. His musical inspiration is driven by his faith and desire to continue to promote Gospel music well into the 21st century.

There is no doubt that Hancock’s upcoming 8th album will continue to win over and expand his existing fan base. Now residing in Toledo, Ohio, Bishop Lawrence Hancock combines his musical career with his Ministry work (which he started in 1999) and he later founded Final Harvest Church in 2005.

Gospel music critic, Bob Marovich (writer for Journal of Gospel Music) likens Hancock’s vocals (which are both lead and background) to former Genesis lead singer, Peter Gabriel. Marovich says that Hancock’s voice:

“has a Peter Gabriel ruddiness to it, especially when he moves into his higher register. His voice complements the beats, guitar, and keys, all of which swirl around than drive the tempo. The lyrics are like recitatives; Hancock sings far more than he raps. The melodies are so similar that “Need of You” feels like an album-long track instead of fourteen individual cuts.”

Album cover art for “Need of You”.

For his eighth album, Hancock continues his call for everyone to worship the Lord. In “Feed Me” Hancock focuses on spiritual nourishment “Lord feed me. I’m hungry for that bread…Nourish me up. Oh bread of heaven.”

“Look what the Lord has done” has a neat piano opening which harmonically underpins the whole song along with a hypnotic upbeat tempo. Hancock professes his praise to the Lord – in very simple terms, from the chorus, “Look what the Lord has Done.” to lyrics asking for transformation “as only you can” and “Release your praise.”

The third track “Usher Me In” is sublime in its musical arrangement (lots of guitar, electronic, percussion, cymbals) and simple expressive lyrics.

The title track on the album, “Don’t Stop Caring” expresses the singer’s desire for God’s care and continued grace in his personal life and affairs. “Please don’t stop, Nothing else will do. I need your love.”

If you want a taste of Lawrence Hancock’s earlier work check out his earlier album listings on Amazon Music.

Lawrence Hancock’s 8th album, “Don’t Stop Caring” is available on YouTube Music, Tidal, TikTok and iHeart Radio.

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