Kyss Major releases debut single “Breathe”

Kyss Major releases debut single “Breathe”


Singer/songwriter Kyss Major is releasing her first single on “Breathe” single release which will debut on all media outlets on March 20, 2022. “Breathe” was produced by and co-written by Kyss and Davis Chris. It’s a song which reflects what the world needs after two years of a global pandemic where people were afraid to breathe. This song is set to be a summer anthem.

Kyss Major is a seasoned performer and has toured extensively around Europe as a member of the Group E.V.E (Gasoline Alley MCA) and The German Group Die Twilight Zone (Chimperator Records Sony). She’s also opened for prodigious musical acts such as Boys II Men and Dru Hill. Kyss is a natural born entertainer and her star quality and sultry tones captivate her audiences.

Her versatility extends to working in stand-up comedy and working in video production. She has also worked with several notable producers and artists such as Davina, Freedom Lyles, Teddy Riely, Goldfingaz,Mario Winans, Bazarr Royale, Dj Tomekk and being the Musical Director for Monica Herman P-nut Johnson.

Her debut single “Breathe” is out now on all the usual streaming platforms and her junior EP “Wisdom Speaks” is scheduled for a summer release in 2022.

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