Alus releases hot new R&B/drill fusion single “Money Dance”

Alus releases hot new R&B/drill fusion single “Money Dance”


The LA-based Latin American rising talent Alus released her exciting new R&B and drill fusion single and music video “Money Dance” on YouTube on March 18, 2022.

The music video was directed by Mikey D’Amico and Davey Robinson and the artist, Alus and produced by Mad Street Films (and by Dubai-based beatsmith Shyy Beats) featuring dancers Destiny Betts and Alanna Espinal.

In “Money Dance” Alus rallies against the idea of men trying to use money to attract women. The song is about female empowerment and inspires women to be independent financially and provide for themselves. “Money Dance” is driven by Alus’ captivating voice, infectious melodies, and defiant lyrics that champion women as providers for themselves and others, over a sliding bassline and thumping kicks, which add an ominous drill layer to the melodic R&B-tinged guitar backdrop.

The single “Money Dance” is an impressive follow-up to her last summer hit, “WIG!” with rap house artist Cakes Da Killa released for Pride Month and in support of LGBTQ+ charity Transgender Law Center.

Singersroom sat down and interviewed Alus to find out what drives her to create music.

Singersroom: What inspired you to write “Money Dance”?

Alus: “Money Dance is a song to celebrate all wins including financial success. I hear a lot of songs about love and that’s just not what motivates me. I’m very career driven. Money Dance is a motivational anthem.”

Singersroom: “What are the most difficult parts of creating new music in 2022?”

Alus: “I engineer myself so it’s easy to create music from my home studio. Creating for me can happen at any time and any place. The only challenge that you can face as a creative is what to speak on. I usually write better records when I really have something I want to get off my chest. That’s the beauty of being an artist, I use my music as a form of therapy. One thing I try to remind myself of is to actually live my life so I have content that inspires me to write. If I have nothing to talk about, I’m not growing through life.”

Singersroom: “Where does your interest in dance come from?”

Alus: “I’m half Puerto Rican so I was born with rhythm on my mom’s side! I grew up listening to music that made me want to dance.. Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson. When I’m creating now, I want to feel like I can move to the record so I can perform it.”

Singersoom: “This is a women’s empowerment song, where do women’s rights need to be improved the most?”

Alus: “We have made a lot of progress but there’s still work to do. Let’s start with the ownership to make decisions about our own bodies. Also, has anyone noticed how women have to work twice as hard to get paid or recognized the same? I mean this song is called Money Dance, I want to celebrate my wins that I worked for!”

Singersroom: “The video shows you dancing with a portrait of Mona Lisa, where does your appreciation for art come from?”

Alus: “I love admiring art in all walks of life. I grew up going to museums with my grandmother who inspired me to appreciate art in every medium. In Money Dance, I wanted to play on the idea that money is like an art form with the standard we hold it to. The money clip dress I wore in the video designed by Kota Okuda goes a step forward to symbolize women themselves are the art piece.”

Singersroom: “The song and video shows you are a powerful woman, across the world right now, how would you describe powerful women?”

Alus: “Powerful women haven’t heard of the glass ceiling. Powerful women know how to use their voice. Powerful women celebrate their success.”

Singersroom: “The song states that women can provide for themselves, how do you think your music can show other women that they have this power?”

Alus: “As women, we need to give ourselves credit for our hard work. If you’re independent, make your own money, and don’t take handouts from anyone, then stand up and do your Money Dance!! This is for the girls who know that hustle is a lifestyle.”

Singersroom: “Instead of using money, what do you think men need to do to attract the person they like?”

Alus: “I think the best way to attract someone is by using your personality instead of your wallet. If the wallet walks in the room before you, then I can’t see the actual you.”

Singersroom: “For the ‘Money Dance’ music video, you collaborated with Mikey D’Amico, how would you describe this experience?”

Alus: “It’s such an honor to work with talented creatives and make the vision come to life as a team. I went to Mikey with a treatment and was hoping we could make it come to life and it ended up better than I hoped for. Shout out to the Monday Dance team!”

Singersroom: “You mention that the video was inspired by classic Hollywood movies, which existing female characters would you like to see lead their own movie series?”

Alus: “When I was creating the treatment, I called the aesthetic “Blood money meets Hollywood glam.” I went through a phase where I was watching tons of gangster shows and movies; El Chapo, Pablo Escobar, Scarface, Narcos. I noticed there were no female figures that really were the leader of any of these stories, so I created one. Money Dance is my interpretation in music video form of a female protagonist who’s in this position like these men have been. Women can be the leader of intricate operations too. Why do we have to be a Bond girl when we can be Bond?”

Singersroom: “What is the ultimate message of ‘Money Dance’?”

Alus: “Money Dance is my anthem for success. If you’re winning, you’re doing a Money Dance to the tempo of life.”

Singersroom: “What can we expect from your upcoming EP?”

Alus: “The new era of Alus music. The new evolved Alus is here. I’ve worked hard and I’m ready to show the world.”

Singersroom: “What’s the most important message you want to give to women that are making their debut in the music space?”

Alus: “Be the leader of your career. Stand up, make decisions, don’t be afraid to say how you feel. No one should hold the reins on your career. Don’t forget to do your Money Dance when you celebrate your wins ;)”

Image alt text: Alus and her famous “Money clip” dress

Alus’ work has been celebrated by Paper Magazine, LadyGunn, Popdust, Ones to Watch, Flaunt Magazine, MTV and Vibe Magazine.

“Money Dance” is out now on all the usual streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music – add it to your playlists.

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