Kota the Friend says “Life is Good” in his newly released single “Good Friday”

Kota the Friend says “Life is Good” in his newly released single “Good Friday”


On April 15, Kota the Friend released his new single “Good Friday” on YouTube (hitting over 36,000 views in less than a week). From its smooth piano opening, “Good Friday” is a feel-good song with an undeniable catchy and positive hook that “Life is good”.

Kota deliberately released the song on Good Friday as the Easter holidays are traditionally a period where people will reflect on their lives and the direction they’re going in.

Kota performed “Good Friday” to a sold-out crowd at his Flight Night Music Festival in LA last month with his fans demanding an encore.

When asked what inspired him to write “Good Friday”, Kota the Friend explained his musical philosophy:

“Good Friday is an anthem about appreciating what you have in this life and persevering no matter how many people try to bring you down.”

All his music uses therapeutic messages to inspire his fans worldwide. “Good Friday” is out now on all the usual streaming platforms and should be added to your playlists.

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