Killer Mike Reacts To Claims That He’s On Bernie Sanders Payroll

Killer Mike Reacts To Claims That He’s On Bernie Sanders Payroll


Bernie Sanders has been getting a ton of celebrity endorsements in recent times, especially among artists in hip-hop. Cardi B has previously extended her endorsement to Bernie in the past and even sat down with the Democratic nominee for 12-minute interview discussing issues the average American is facing today.

Along with Cardi, Killer Mike has been a big supporter of Bernie and did a similar sit-down back-and-forth on camera with the democratic nominee. As more prominent figures in the Black community have co-signed Bernie, Killer Mike has continued to be a major one to voice his support. In recent times, Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Boots Riley have shown their support for Bernie in the Democratic race which Killer Mike suggested should be a good sign of who to vote for in the next election.

“If I’m a regular every day black person in America and Boots Riley, Chuck D, and Killer Mike all agree on the same presidential candidate, [I’mma] really have to consider that candidate because these three in music and real life action really give a damn,” he tweeted.

Although many people agreed with Killer Mike, one person suggested that he was actually getting paid for public support. “Keep it really real. I’m accept NO MONEY from any politician. I am already rich,” he clapped back.

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