Kenyon Dixon Wants to Go ‘Slow Dancing’ on New Song

Kenyon Dixon Wants to Go ‘Slow Dancing’ on New Song


Rising singer-songwriter Kenyon Dixon dawns a new era of R&B with his new single “Slow Dancing” featuring Kincy.

On this mid-tempo groove, which would have popped up on airwaves in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Dixon keeps a tight grip on his partner on the dancefloor for what could be a good night for both afterward.

Regarding the new track, Dixon says, “This is one of the funnest records I’ve created so far and already one of my favorites. My mission is always to reintroduce the R&B we love to today’s listeners in a way that they understand it can still be both current and quality.”

He adds, “Talk Box has always been like a secret R&B weapon to me when we’re talking undeniable classic elements. As soon as I started writing this record, I knew it would top it off and I knew exactly who to call that could deliver it in a perfect way.”

Photo Credit: Kenyon Dixon

“Slow Dancing” is Dixon’s first solo release of the year. It’s uncertain if it’s the lead single for a new project.

Dixon capped 2022 with tons of music and acclaim. Last spring, he released his beloved album, Closer. The 12-song set included the singles “Love on Replay” featuring Tiffany Gouché and “Get High, Get By” with D Smoke. Additional guests included Susan Carol and Gwen Bunn.

Then, in the fall of 2022, Dixon reissued Closer as an expanded edition with four new tracks. Among the new batch of songs was “Getting Late.”

Of Closer (Deluxe), Dixon said, “It’s more of the R&B we love and have always loved. I think nostalgia plays a huge part in why R&B music makes us feel the way we do and so I wanted to make sure I continued to capture it in the most perfect way.”

Kenyon Dixon Closer Deluxe album

He added, “When those feelings can consistently be evoked every time you listen to a song, that’s what makes it a classic. That’s Closer. That’s Closer (Deluxe).”

The standard version of Closer was featured on Rated R&B’s 30 Best R&B Albums of 2022 list. It placed at No. 9 and was lauded as “a direct aural experience that invigorates any true R&B fan.”

Earlier this year, Jon Vinyl recruited Dixon for “Pressure (Remix).” The original track appears on Vinyl’s Palisade EP, released in October 2022. 

Stream Kenyon Dixon’s new song “Slow Dancing” below.