Kele-le compilation project EP raising money for AIDS in Nigeria

Kele-le compilation project EP raising money for AIDS in Nigeria


Kele-le Album cover artwork

On May 27, 2022 five of Nigeria’s best young female artists got together to create a musical project EP named “Kele-le” to raise awareness and funds for women’s health organizations fighting the HIV/AIDs epidemic in Nigeria.

The “Kele-le” collaboration is the latest in a series of over 20 compilation projects that Red Hot Org have put together to raise money to fight HIV/AIDs globally. Previous projects included artists such as Blood Orange, Madonna, Chance The Rapper, Nirvana and Childish Gambino.

The title of the project ‘Kele-le’ comes from the word ‘kele’ which means “girlfriend” in Nigerian pidgin and it was chosen to celebrate this female-only collaboration. The word “kelele” means “unignorable sound” in Swahili and it represents the undeniable impact of afrobeats music on the world stage today.

The Kele-Le EP tracklist includes:

1. Tomi Owo – Go On Woman
2. Mz Kiss – You Look Good (featuring OSHUN)
3. Lady Donli – Kauna
4. Bella Alubo – Loneliest Girl In The World

Tomi Owo opens the Kele-le EP with the stripped-back “Go On Woman” led by her captivating vocals and her uplifting life-affirming lyrics. Ms Kizz vibes with the instant afrobeats hit and dancefloor filler “You Look Good” featuring OSHUN who bring their afro-futuristic hip-soul elements to the track. Lady Donli serenades the audience with “Kauna” taking the listeners on a lush neo-soul experience explaining how love can set us free. Bella Alubo’s infectious alt-pop leaning track “Loneliest Girl in the World” takes the EP to its logical and divine conclusion. Kele-le is driven by its exquisite pop-soul fusion sound and catchy rap-like flow.

This exciting collaborative EP showcases the work of a new wave of female artists in Nigeria. This project really embraces and celebrates female power with the most interesting & most forward thinking rising stars of the Naija music scene. Their voices call and connect the panAfrican diaspora, championing women’s power, creativity and autonomy. Kele-le is composed of the following artists performing on the EP:
Lady Donli

Singer Lady Donli sings “Kauna”

Oshun sings “You Look Good”
Bella Alubo

Singer Bella Olubo sings “Loneliest Girl In The World”
Tomi Owo

Singer Tomi Owo sings “Go On Woman”
Mz Kiss

Singer Mz Kiss sings “You Look Good” (featuring Oshun)

What’s really exciting about this musical collaboration apart from just getting to hear this talented line-up of young women is that all funds raised by the EP will be matched by Red Hot Org and distributed to women’s health organizations on the ground in Nigeria who are working to combat the deadly HIV/AIDS epidemic. Some of the organizations include Wellbeing Foundation Africa, RAISE Foundation, Women Trafficking & Child Labour Eradication Foundation, Freehearts Africa Reachout Foundation, and the Social Welfare Network Initiative.

Kele-le want to educate and empower young women about feminism, personal autonomy and women’s’ health while raising awareness of ways to remain safe in Nigeria’s growing HIV/AIDS epidemic. Their messaging touches upon dating culture, STIs, sexual violence, domestic abuse and other important social issues.

The harmonic and hypnotic vocals of the artists represented in this project must surely explain the millions of streams the group are getting – along with critical acclaim and rave reviews from tastemakers including Billboard, The FADER, VICE, Rolling Stone, and Vogue.

The rising stars: Lady Donli, Oshun, Bella Alubo, Tomi Owo and Mz Kiss are some of the hippest Nigerian artists to appear in recent times – their afrobeats and afrocentric music are putting Nigerian musicians on the global map.

Red Hot Org is the charity organization which is behind this EP and the group have worked with musical luminaries such as Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Blood Orange, Chance The Rapper, Wu Tang Clan, Madonna, Nirvana, U2, and Childish Gambino, among others, curated seminal projects such as Red Hot + Dance, No Alternative, Red Hot + Riot, Dark Was The Night and Red Hot + Fela.

The 4 track EP, Kele-le is out now on all the usual streaming platforms. Make sure you add it to your playlists – and help to empower young female artists to lead important conversations about women’s health in Africa.

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