Katy Perry Dishes Out Relationship Advice for Cyn During Instagram Live Chat

Katy Perry Dishes Out Relationship Advice for Cyn During Instagram Live Chat


Katy Perry celebrated Cyn-co De Mayo on Tuesday (May 5) with her label signee, Cyn. They poured some drinks (non-alcoholic for pregnant KP) and discussed Cyn’s fittingly titled single, “Drinks.”

Throughout the hour-long Instagram Live chat, questions about Perry’s quarantine relationship with fiancé Orlando Bloom naturally came up. “If you love me during quarantine, you will love me any other time,” Perry admitted of these trying times.

“You can’t hide your foot fungus,” she joked. “This is me! You can’t hide anything!”

Cyn went on to note that she found out that Perry was pregnant during their December 2019 trip to Dubai, and also shared that she had a feeling Perry and Bloom were meant for each other long before their engagement. “I texted you that I had a dream you and Orlando were engaged, and I saw you at a Years & Years show, and you were like, ‘Cyn, tell Orlando about your dream.'”

“It was inevitable,” Perry admitted of her engagement.

Throughout the broadcast, it was clear that 27-year-old “Cyn-derella” looks at the 35-year-old pop star as her “Perry Godmother,” so the single singer couldn’t help but ask a few more relationship-related questions.

When Cyn asked if Perry is worried about finding inspiration when she is married and has a family, the “Roar” singer replied, “You think you find your partner and it’s happily ever after and you won’t have problems or anything? You’re crazy.”

“You’re always going to be working on yourself and your relationship,” she continued, before referring to Justin Timberlake’s 2013 tune, “Mirrors.”

“Your partner is your mirror. I don’t know about you, but sometimes if you get me in front of one of those magnifying mirrors at a hotel, and I see my pores and whiskers, I won’t leave the room for 30 minutes,” she continued. “I’m like. I can’t believe I see all the things that I never saw and I need to work on. That’s what your partner is.”

And, of course, the IG Live wasn’t complete without a bump shot from Perry. See it below.