Katy Perry Ballad Poll: Vote for Your Favorite

Katy Perry Ballad Poll: Vote for Your Favorite


Katy Perry‘s newest song “Never Worn White” struck a chord with her fans when the music video revealed her real-life baby bump. But her emotional ballads have had that effect for more than a decade.

In her 2008 breakout year, Perry’s One of the Boys singles “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot N Cold” juxtaposed her fun and flirty side with her soft and sensitive one when she released her first ballad single “Thinking of You,” which reminisces on how much better her past relationship was than her current one. The song ended up reaching No. 29 on the Streets Talkin Hot 100 the following year.

And the midtempo hits only kept coming, including standalone power ballads “Rise” and “Harleys in Hawaii,” which explore themes of victory and romantic bliss, respectively.

So which of Perry’s slower singles makes you swoon? Or maybe you prefer her deep-cut ballads? Vote, or write in your favorite, below!