K. Michelle Says "New R&B [Artists’]" Music "Has No Soul & [It’s] Boring"

K. Michelle Says "New R&B [Artists’]" Music "Has No Soul & [It’s] Boring"


All Monsters Are Human is just weeks away from its release, and K. Michelle fans couldn’t be any more excited. The multi-talented performer recently released her Not 1 F*ck Given mixtape to tie fans over in the meantime, but K. Michelle is ready for the world to hear what R&B jams she’s been working on in the studio.

K. Michelle Says "New R&B [Artists']" Music "Has No Soul & [It's] Boring"
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The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star has never been one to mince words, so she once again ruffled a few feathers on Wednesday after she made a few comments on the current state of R&B. “Up early listening to new R&B artist and this is the best way to fall asleep, this sh*t has no soul and it boring,” the singer tweeted. “It plays like one big lullaby. I’m so confused by it.”

K. was asked to specify who she was talking about, but she said it wasn’t just one person. “They all the same like demo singers,” she added. She did note that although there were “some really good singles” out there, but “the albums lack hard work and more like the less the better.” The generational change of R&B is evident, and K. noted that the music she grew up on, in her opinion, had more of an emotional connection.

“I grew up to Mary J making you believe you not gone cry. I felt her pain in every way,” she said. “That’s soulllllllll music baby. I gotta feel you through my THC high. That lady saved me so many times through songs. That’s how I desire to heal people and it’s hard 2do that whispering.” She added, “When I sing I want you to feel every break in my heart. At the end of that song you should know me better. That’s music my loves❤️.” Do you agree with her about the current R&B scene?