Jim Jones Reflects On Facing Cam’ron In A Hit Battle

Jim Jones Reflects On Facing Cam’ron In A Hit Battle


With the entire world on lockdown, rappers and producers alike have been forced to think outside the box. Luckily, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland came up with the idea to launch Verzuz, a series in which legendary hip-hop figures face off against one another in a friendly competition. And while the events themselves have been few and far between, many have since used the format to debate their own what-if scenarios, with Elliot Wilson of Rap Radar recently musing on a possible Jim Jones Vs. Cam’ron matchup. 

Jim Jones Reflects On Facing Cam'ron In A Hit Battle

 Shareif Ziyadat/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Wilson took a moment to field the question to Jones himself, during a FaceTime conversation with the Dipset veteran. Though rappers are generally known to be a confident bunch, Jones showed humility by admitting that Cam would likely take the win. “I think Cam wins,” says Jones. “You gotta figure, how many platinum records and singles does Cam have? You got records with Kanye, “Really Mean It,” “Oh Boy,” “357.” It’s just way too much heat that Killa’s got.”

“He started his solo career way before I started mines,” continues Jones. “He’s the one we all started rapping after. I watched him rapping since were in high school. Undeniably it would be Killa. He got some great records and he got a great catalog. His catalog is a little bit more extensive than mines due to the fact he started it solo career before I started mine. Then we rolled into The Diplomats and lo-and-behold, Jim Jones creeps up out the crevices. I’m grateful to even be mentioned within that category when it comes to doing music.”