Jenna Compono And Zach Nichols Predict The Sex Of Their Challenge Baby

Jenna Compono And Zach Nichols Predict The Sex Of Their Challenge Baby


#BarbieBeast Jenna Compono is pregnant, and she and Zach Nichols are going to be parents in August 2021. The ultimate exciting challenge!

Before the lovebirds — who met on Battle of the Exes 2 back in 2014 — welcome their “little one” this summer, MTV News caught up with the mama-to-be to get real world details about the bundle of joy.

Take a look at the Q&A below — and be sure to stay with MTV News for more updates on Baby Nichols!

What do you think you are having? What does Zach think you are having?

I have a strong feeling we are having a boy. Every other night, I have a dream about it, and it is always a boy in my dream. I also have had zero morning sickness throughout my whole pregnancy, which people also say hints that it could be a boy. Zach thinks it’s a girl one hundred percent — there is no convincing him otherwise. A lot of our families did have a girl first (except a few), so it is very possible it is a girl.

How will you celebrate the gender reveal?

We are having a gender reveal March 6 in New York, just with some family. We are going to do the big balloon pop. We are counting down the days — we cannot wait to find out. That’s when the shopping and fun begins!

What type of mom do you think you will be? What type of dad do you think Zach will be?

I mean, everyone always says you can plan how you’re going to be, and until you have your own, you are completely different from what you thought. We are going to raise our family pretty much like how we were raised. We are both going to be very involved in the child’s life. I do think I will be the more strict parent for sure, especially if we have a girl [because] I know Zach will have a soft spot for her.

Will you have the baby in Michigan or New York?

We are having the baby in Michigan, but our plan is to have a house in both states. That way, we can see our family more.

How do you think your dogs will adapt to the baby?

It will be easy for the dogs! Bocce already loves puppies, and he’s so gentle with them, he’s just going to think the baby is a hairless puppy. He will be great with the baby. Remi too — she’s so calm and motherly, she will be great. We don’t have any worries with the dogs adapting.

Which Challenge co-stars knew about the baby before the Instagram reveal?

Only Nany and Kailah knew. They did a great job keeping the secret. They did check in on me almost every day too. They’re so great and excited! They’ll be at the baby shower and there every step of the way, like I will be for them.

Which Challenge cast member would you most trust to babysit? Trust the least?

Nany and Kailah would be the two main people I would trust with our baby, definitely a few others for sure. But everyone else, not so much!

If you were having a Challenge-only baby shower, who would be invited?

The girls invited to the Challenge only baby shower would be Nany, Kailah, Aneesa, Britni, Kaycee and a bunch of others too!