Jay-Z & Beyoncé Send Reese Witherspoon Case Of Ace Of Spades After Golden Globes

Jay-Z & Beyoncé Send Reese Witherspoon Case Of Ace Of Spades After Golden Globes


The Golden Globes on Sunday made for a star-studded event full of entertaining and scandalous moments, but the most shocking appearance of all would have to be music’s biggest power couple. That’s right, Jay-Z and Beyoncé decided to grace Hollywood’s finest with their presence, overwhelming plenty of the stars in attendance.

Though their attendance was not completely out of the blue, since Bey was nominated for Best Original Song for “Spirit” from The Lion King, though she eventually lost to “I’m Gonna Love Me Again” from Rocketman. The duo didn’t walk the red carpet, though, so they caught everyone off guard when they arrived fashionably late. They waited to take their seats until after Kate McKinnon had finished her speech introducing Carol Burnett Award for Achievement in Television recipient, Ellen Degeneres, who was at Jayoncé’s table. It was then that they were caught red-handed bringing their own Ace of Spades champagne into the Moet-sponsored event, as their bodyguard, Julius, was spotted holding two bottles of the bubbly brand.

Bey and Jay not only brought their own booze, they also shared it with the surrounding guests, as well. Jennifer Anniston revealed on her Instagram story from the Globes that after her table had run out of water, her The Morning Show co-star Reese Witherspoon asked Jay and Bey for some of their champagne. Jay and Bey were happy to, and Reese even joked about the whole ordeal with some memes on her Instagram.

After word spread about the Bey and Jay’s charitable move, the superstar couple naturally had to one-up themselves, so they sent over an entire case of Ace of Spades to Reese. The actress posted a video of herself opening up the generous gift, accompanied by some gorgeous flowers and a note that read, “More water, from Jay and Bey.” 

Reese and her mom, Betty, proceeded to pop open one of the prestigious bottles at 11:30am. “Who cares?” Reese replied when Betty asked if it’s too early to drink. “It’s from Jay-Z and Beyoncé.” Solid logic.