Jay Electronica Declares Strong Take On Big Sean’s Pen Game

Jay Electronica Declares Strong Take On Big Sean’s Pen Game


Jay Electronica is, what some may call, an elusive gentleman. Distinguished in the art of lyricism but elusive as true love all the same, Jay Electronica’s record-breakingly sparse release-rate has led to no shortage of frustrated jokes at his expense. And yet, his lyrical pedigree remains so lofty that he remains an unchallenged authority on the topic of bars. When he offers a co-sign, there’s validity there that not every emcee carries. Today, Jay came through to offer up an opinion on Big Sean‘s pen game, a topic that has been contested time and again.

Jay Electronica Declares Strong Take On Big Sean's Pen Game

Vivien Killilea/Getty Image

Though Sean Don has occasionally been branded “corny” by his critics, many of whom find his punchline style veers into “dad joke” territory,  Jay Electronica feels differently. “To me, Big Sean got one of the most underrated pens of this time,” he writes, a seemingly unprompted burst of praise. 

Perhaps he was listening to “Control” and got to reminiscing, quietly bonding over the fact that Kendrick essentially highjacked the entire song. Perhaps he simply threw on Dark Sky Paradise and really honed in on the bars. In any case, it’s a welcome gesture from Electronica, and further validation that Big Sean is holding it down for the lyricists in the game. Check out the tweet below, and cross your fingers for some new music from Jay Electronica — perhaps even featuring Big Sean.