Jadakiss Explains How Icepick A&R’d "Ignatius" From Heaven

Jadakiss Explains How Icepick A&R’d "Ignatius" From Heaven


On Friday, Jadakissdropped off his fifth studio album Ignatius, featuring guest appearances from Rick Ross, Emmany, John Legend, Pusha T, and more. For the most part, it’s Mr. Raspy himself who captivates the attention on the strength of his own invaluable skillset, one well-honed after twenty-five years of delivering quality music. Following the project’s release, Kiss hit up The Breakfast Club to discuss a variety of topics, speaking fondly about the man who inspired Ignatius, the late “Icepick” Jay Jackson.

Jadakiss Explains How Icepick A&R'd "Ignatius" From Heaven

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Explaining that Ignatius was made as closure, Kiss notes that Icepick “A&R’d the album from heaven,” as many of the features were personal favorites. “This is the first album where I did a lot of post-production,” explains Jada. “We had live instruments come in and play, all of that. Real musical. That’s something that he always wanted. He would always try to get me to do it…I kinda did all the stuff he ever asked me to do when he was alive. Little stuff, I tried to do everything.” He also reveals that Icepick used to encourage him to sing, to “use his voice” in different ways — a request he honored by singing on “Angels Getting Pedicured” and “Keep It 100.” 

After Charlemagne mentions that he caught a few genuine “love songs” on the record, Kiss admits that Icepick’s passing left him determined to do right as a family man. “I moved out of Yonkers and got a house,” he reflects. “My family situation is really in a good place. I think it’s all due to him. Everything happens for a reason — sometimes you get a positive out of a negative. That’s what happened. That’s all he wanted to see. Me, Styles, and Sheek evolve and be good fathers, good artists. Open up Juice Bars and go to art events.”

Rest in peace, Icepick Jackson. Check out our own interview with the legendary Jadakiss right here