‘I’ve Been Hanging Out With Will’: Is Amanda Breaking Friend Code With Camilla?

‘I’ve Been Hanging Out With Will’: Is Amanda Breaking Friend Code With Camilla?


While Camilla found herself still reeling from Brandon’s second round of infidelities on Siesta Key, she was about to find herself facing another shocker.

The show’s latest episode saw her and Jordana able to finally “clear the air” at the latter’s art show (luckily, no pools were present!), resulting in the ultimate sign of forgiveness: the unblocking of Instagram. But unbeknownst to Camilla, another love triangle was taking shape — this time, with Will and Amanda.

During a round of golf, Camilla opened up to Amanda about her feelings for BG, at which point she also brought up Will — the photographer she dated, then dropped for another shot with Brandon, then tried to date again.

“[Brandon’s] not gonna change, and it’s my fault to keep thinking that he’s gonna change,” she said. “I feel bad because me and Will were both interested in maybe both coming back together, but he found out about me and Brandon trying to get back together, and he was pretty upset about it.”

Enter Amanda: “I feel like if you and Will were going to be serious, it would have happened by now. You guys have been on and off already, so maybe it’s time for something new.” Foreshadowing, much?

Fast forward to Jordana’s show, where Amanda pulled Camilla aside to mention that, incidentally, she’s been talking to Will — and that they seem to “click.”

“Camilla, I just wanted to let you know friend to friend, because I genuinely respect you as a person, and I want you to hear it from me. I have been hanging out with Will occasionally. We’re just enjoying each other’s company,” she confessed. “I don’t want this to come between us. I just click with Will. And if this bothers you, I want to know.”

Needless to say, Camilla was less than thrilled, finding the entire tryst “kinda weird.” So did Amanda break friend code with Camilla? Or is she in the clear for giving her a friendly heads up? Sound off with your thoughts, and see what’s next on Siesta Key this Thursday at 9/8c.