Instagram Long Photo Glitch Explained

Instagram Long Photo Glitch Explained


If you’ve done your daily scroll through Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ve come across some extra long photos. For some reason, users have been able to post pictures that are disproportionately sized and people are starting to take advantage of the glitch. While it would make for an interesting new feature, this appears to be an error.

For now, this only works on iOS but all you need is an extra-long photo — we’re talking very, very long — saved to your camera roll. You can even just create one from scratch. Then, when you go to upload your image to Insta, just select it in the photo picker. For some time, the app was failing to crop the pictures correctly.

Instagram Long Photo Glitch Explained
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Usually, as you’re surely aware, portrait photos will crop to approximately the size of your screen. Instagram seems to have fixed the issue, with some users now reporting that they are unable to upload their ultra-long pics. However, that didn’t stop some people from getting away with it.

Although the glitch seems to have been patched, photos that were uploaded during the period when it was just discovered are still showing up glitchy. We’ve included one at the bottom as an example (and so that you don’t need to aimlessly scroll down to get to the rest of the article.)